Under a Ladder - When a Good Person happens to Bad Luck

22 October 2006


I've been so busy with college that I haven't had time for my poor little hobby. Oh but but! On Friday 13th I did do something. In light of what happened after my last encounter with a ladder I decided to do it again for the sake of statistics.

Basically what happened was I walked under a ladder, got hit by a taxi. Nee ner nee ner nee ner nee ner! So I'm doing it again to prove that it was just a coincidence. I've taken another video of me running under a ladder about three times forwards and backwards. This I did on Friday 13th and I'm still alive. Once I get back to my own machine I'll post the video up.

Have fun!

01 October 2006

The Juju has struck!

Oh woe is me!

I had an accident on my bike yesterday. I think that its a complete coincidence but some of you will disagree with me and tell me to stop this mad raving for my own sake.

All I got from the accident was a small graze on my knee and a broken gear lever. Other than that it's all good :)

It was my fault actually. Not like fate decided to deal me a blow of justice for walking under a ladder. I thought it was a four way stop when I was really the only one with a stop street. Silly me. Now where's that black cat!?

25 September 2006

Experiment 01 - Explanation

I found an explanation of Experiment 01 on the Old Superstition Website.

Apparently with a ladder open or placed against a wall it forms a triangle, the symbol for the holy trinity (Christian and the like). Now walking through the triangle would be a violation of the trinity thus putting you in league with the Devil himself... *shiver*.

In my video I went through it forwards thus I am now in league with the Devil. But then I went for a second time around but this time I went through backwards. So I could say that I went arse first through the holy trinity.

Jeez if I don't get hit by a truck soon then I think I can safely say that this superstition is just that... a superstition!

There was another site (Jewel Denson - The Cookie Jar) that had a very different idea behind it... and I think I agree with her (I assume it's a her).

What she says is that back in the day when people were stupid and were ruled by the church etc. they needed to teach people about safety and so on. Walking under a ladder for example could cause injury... How? Well there's normally someone at the top of the ladder with tools, like a skull crushing hammer or some horrible paint. If you were one of the clumsy types then you'd obviously knock something over killing yourself, the dude on the ladder and anyone else standing idly by. Well not killing everyone but it wouldn't be pretty.

So... In order to stop people from doing this they put the fear of G-d (I type it like that out of respect for my girlfriend) in them by telling them that if they walk under a ladder they are blaspheming the holy trinity. Obviously you'll not get anyone walking under ladders anymore.

Well that leads me to believe that most of the other superstitions out there are a form of control. I'd like to research this theory a little further.

Next Experiment - The black cat.

24 September 2006

Eventually I found a Host

Lovelyness is! I found this host that posts links on my site directly to my blog. Pretty cool. All you need to do is click on this link and a new page will open and then the download will start. Easy as pie... what makes pie easy though?

Under a Ladder - Experiment 01 - Walking under a ladder:
Under a Ladder - Experiment 01 (Low).avi (2.9 Meg)

23 September 2006

My First Bad Luck Superstition

Welcome to Experiment 01 - Walking Under A Ladder.

I took this in my back yard using my phone. So I blew it up a bit so we can see whats going on. I haven't found the superstition for this one yet but I went through it forwards and backwards just to make sure.

The High Quality one was 88Megs! For 40 seconds! Insane. So I've watered it down.

Once I actually find a propper host I'll put it up here.

22 September 2006

I've finished my project!

Well, I've eventually finished this damned art project that I had to do. Its taken up all my time so I haven't been going under a ladder at all this week. The time is now... 04h43! Not cool at all.

So I'm going to bed now then I've got to hand this thing in before 11h00. After that we'll see what black cat I can tramp with my bike. :P

Oh that brings me to a funny story! (If you're squemish just move on to the next post) I remember when I was about 9 or so when my parents were still young and all that. My dad had this thing about black cats. One night driving home from the races we hit one. Boom! Bad luck for the black cat. So we turn around to go look for it to see if it's ok. BOOM! We hit yet another black cat trying to cross our path...

Well thats the end of my story. Till next time.

19 September 2006


Welcome to my bad luck adventures... That sounds like a story from Beatrix Potter...

Good good you've arrived and are about to discover that bad luck is all in your head! *Gasp* said the audience "In our minds!?" They all said with stunned apprehension. Of course it's in your heads and I'm going to prove it. I'm making it one of my missions (I say one of because I do have other things to do besides walk under ladders) to find every single bad luck superstition out there and do it. And I'll also document everything good or bad that happens to me after crossing the spirit of bad luck... *shiver* :P

No the first one is obvious... Walking under a ladder. I actually make it my point to walk under a ladder whenever I see one just standing there waiting to bless some old granny with bad luck. Yet I live! I haven't actually found out what is supposed to happen to you if you walk under a ladder. That will prolly be in my next post... Until then I'm going to find another superstition to do.

Oh oh before I go. I'll also put up videos and pictures of me actually doing these things so that this won't just be an oral account.